5 Blog Posts about Movies to Watch out for ...

With the advent of the Internet and celebrity blogging, we can now know about movies before the first trailer is released. Some people may not like seeing photos of the actors filming the scenes but they just make me want to see the movies even more. Besides, these photos offer us a glimpse at how movies are made, something that has always fascinated me. The following are some films that I and some celebrity bloggers I love think are interesting and definitely worth watching.

1. Burton's Alice in Wonderland

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What do you get when you hand a script to Tim Burton and Johnny Depp? A brilliant movie, that's what. Add to that Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, and one of my favorite stories and you've got yourself a truly unforgettable movie experience. Honestly, if it were another director making Alice In Wonderland, I would not be this excited. Click herefor more teaser photos from the movie and also check out some Alice in Wonderland inspired clothes.

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