Fun πŸ€— Facts about the 4th of July πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ You Didn't 🚫 Know πŸ€” ...


Happy 4th Of July! 231 years ago the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence declaring America's sovereignty. Today it's customary to celebrate the National holiday with red, white, and blue, fireworks and parades, stars and stripes, flags and bbqs. But before you go enjoy America to its fullest, take a quick look through my 4th of July fun facts! Chockful of useless information - unless you're attending a trivia night sometime soon - fun facts are great when there is a lull in party conversation. Memorize a few facts such as: Do you know what animal Benjamin Franklin preferred over the bald eagle as the official national animal? Do you know how many hot dogs are consumed at bbq's on today's date? For the answers to these questions and lots more tid bits of knowledge, all you have to do is dance like a chicken! No, I'm kidding, all you have to do is

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