8 Things That Cause Your under Eye Dark Circles and Puffiness ...

In most cases under eye dark circles and puffiness are caused by an internal problem. So, if you try to get rid of them by using cucumbers, tea bags, or cosmetics, you will have only temporary success.

What's more important is that you find out what internal problem causes your dark circles and/or puffiness and eliminate this problem for good. So, take a look at these 8 common problems that can cause dark under eye circles and puffiness.

1. Kidney Problems

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If it's your kidney, you might also have some other signs of its dysfunction - like swollen ankles or fingers.

Usually puffiness related to kidney problems appear not only under the eyes but around the eyes as well. So if you suspect it’s a kidney problem do not take any diuretics - go to the doctor and have some tests done to check your kidney functions.

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