4 Health Blog Posts Worth Thinking about ...

We can never say that many solutions to health issues are definitive because there are always new studies that come out that support or oppose said solutions. This is why it is important to always read on health concerns that will most likely affect how we should live our lives. The following are issues or subjects that have made me reconsider certain things I thought I knew about our body and health.

1. Painful Fashion

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I already know that four of these closet items are bad for my body, except for skinny jeans. The one thing I can't give up on this list of items that cause fashion agony, however, is the handbag. The pain on my shoulder is one indication that it's not doing my body any good but handbags are just too cute not to use. I guess I'll have to do follow the advise stated on this post to relieve pain on my shoulders and back.

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