4 Great Posts with the Latest Biggest Celebrity Buzz ...

There is something about the lives of celebrities that is always fascinating; never dull like the moments of our own lives. This is why I always visit celebrity blogs every day. It's a vice, really. So in case you have not found time to visit the same blogs I visit, here are some juicy celeb news (some still to be officially confirmed) that got the world of celebrities quite a-buzzing.

1. Jennifer Aniston and Her New Brad

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A few months ago, Bradley Cooper shut down rumors that he is seeing Jennifer Aniston. He even said that they've never really met or something like that. But a lot people seem to like the idea of seeing them together (or finally seeing Jen with a hottie). But a few days ago, they were spotted on what looked like to be a date. Of course, both parties are bound to say that it was merely a non-romantic date. I have to say, though, that I am excited about this turn of events. Brad is very cute and funny and I am always rooting for Jennifer. I am also a fan of the other couple that always seem connected in terms of gossip to this girl, so let's not start a feud here.

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