4 Dress Codes - What to Wear Where ...

Everybodyโ€™s received an invitation and been baffled about what the dress code means.

That's why I thought it was time to put an end to the doubts and fears we experience when getting ready for events with a dress-code and I've created a little cheat sheet with all 4 dress codes**** there ar****e with easy explanations on what you are expected to wear in what case.

1. Black Tie

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Other Versions: White Tie, Formal Black Tie, Creative Black Tie (usually involves a theme)

Men should dress in a smart suit or tuxedo, with an ironed, tucked in shirt and tie. Women get a bit more freedom, having the choice between long or cocktail dresses, in a wide range of colors.

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Itโ€™s a good idea to stick with the classics, black and white, and accessorize with bright red jewelry. This dress code does allow you to make a statement, but if youโ€™re too crazy you might be denied entry.

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