4 Blog Posts with Summer Beach Essentials ...

I don't know about you but summer is synonymous to the beach where I'm from. Students have the sun, surf, and sand in mind as they are finishing their last exams. All they can talk about are which beaches to hit with their family and friends as the last minutes of the last day of classes slowly pass by. If you're one of these wannabe beach bums, don't forget to bring the following to the beach this summer. These are what you should stuff in your beach tote if you want your getaway to be picture-perfect and memorable:

1. Something to Cover Your Head with

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Photo by: Robert C

Fedora hats are being peddled on the streets in my city. Sadly, my boyfriend and I have yet to meet these peddlers. I have been itching to buy one of these since the summer started. If you want to look positively cool at the beach this summer, you must buy one before you hit the road. If you already have one, you can always get another that matches the color of your bikini. Or a wide-brimmed hat with fun prints. The ones featured on this post might give you a better idea about what style to get.

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