4 Blog Posts with Four Inspiring Ladies ...

To be perfectly honest, my life could use a little makeover. I'm not talking about the physical kind as that's reserved for an entirely different post. I am talking about an attitude and personality overhaul. Don't get me wrong, I am not the worst person you could ever meet but sometimes, I think I can be better. Don't you feel that way, too? I can always read self-help books on being a better person but I'd rather learn by example. This is why I like to scour the Internet for blogs about inspiring people. Below are four blog posts with ladies would could be your muse.

1. Cool Model

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Imagine you were a Victoria's Secret model. You travel all over the world and you can wear all kinds of fabulous clothes. You meet the most interesting people and get invited to the most happening events. How would you spend your weekends? More of the same, right? But not Pania Rose. She goes to her farm in Long Island and takes care of her plants, chickens, and dogs. How amazing is that? Read more of this post for a well-deserved praise for this inspiring supermodel.

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