4 Best Chanel Beauty Products ...

I just got a newsletter from Chanel.com where they featured the 4 products that won awards this year, and I thought I just had to share it with you, guys.

Although Chanel is a very expensive brand, the beauty products listed below are the best of the best and if you ever consider splurging on any of them, you'll be beyond happy with your choice! So here they are - the Top Chanel Beauty Products!

1. Chanel N5 ...

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I always thought Chanel N5 was too heavy and too "old-fashioned" before I got this perfume for my Mom's birthday. And boy, was I wrong! The scent IS quite strong at the beginning, but then, when it unfolds and you can feel all the nuances, it's just incomparable! I actually wished I left it for myself :)) It might be a bit too much for day wear and for the hot summer days, but it's a perfect perfume for fall and winter - it makes you feel so warm, yet so sophisticated and grown-up and sexy... I now see why this iconic fragrance's been so popular all these years!

**Price: **$95.00 at Chanel.com

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