3 Ways to Fight the Common Seasonal "End of Winter" Fatigue ...


I feet tired almost the entire day. And it feels like I am suffering from it all: lack of sunlight, sleep, energy. Everything irritates me and I am getting sugar cravings everyday day.

I am taking my vitamins (Centrum). But maybe I should take something else? What is going on with me? Please, help ...

Your increased irritability, low energy level and sugar cravings are all the symptoms of the common seasonal "end of winter" fatigue.

It's your endocrine system and one of its most important parts – the adrenal gland – that is unable to keep up with all the stress and the pressure of your everyday life.

If you think a nice vacation in a warm climate might help, you are wrong. Well, it might make things better for a little while, but a week later you will start feeling tired and stressed out just the way you felt before.

The main reason you are feeling this way is the basic nutrient insufficiency.

And there are 3 ways to get rid of all these unpleasant feelings and fatigue:

1. Start Taking Minerals ...

Minerals are even more important than vitamins. Mineral deficiency causes irritability, muscle weakness, muscle cramps, general fatigue, sugar cravings, skin, nails and hair problems and much more. Most minerals are very hard to absorb from tablets. It’s much more effective if you take them in liquid form.

These are several supplements that can help: OlaLoa Energy is very easy to use – the small pack of powder gives you great support for the day and makes quite a tasty drink.

If you need something more serious, try liquid multi Alive from Nature’s Way or liquid multi Source of Life from Nature’s Plus. (Pick only one and take once a day in the morning before breakfast)

If you really hate to take liquid (which is much, much better and more beneficial) you can try Life Force Multi from Source Natural in tablets form (just 2 tablets 2 times a day with food), but still take OlaLoa for minerals.

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