7 Best Lip Plumpers That Actually Work ...

Are you looking for ways to plump up your pout? As a thin-lipped girl myself, I'm always on the market for ways to make my lips look more full. If you can't afford collagen injections like the stars, these three products may just be the next best thing.

1. Fusion Beauty LipFusion XL

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Following up the success of their popular LipFusion line for daytime wear, Fusion Beauty has come out with LipFusion XL. This product, intended for nighttime use, works by applying tiny, dehydrated collagen particles to your lips.

When your body's natural moisture interacts with the dehydrated collagen – poof! The collagen swells, and your lips look amazing! This product shows noticeable results in only a few days time, and the spearmint flavor is refreshing. My advice? Pair LipFusion XL with a regular LipFusion for daytime use, and get the best of both worlds!

Price: $50, visit Dillards.com

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