24 Hour Handbag ...

Liz Mole's Spring line continues with her signature detatchable handbag concept, and kept the style quotient high.

This is my favorite, a style called Flaunt_It, which looks like a cute saddle style bag with a front pocket. "Very cute, but is that really unique?" is what some of you may be thinking right now...

The answer to the question is below...that front pocket can be removed, leaving you with a choice of 2 bags...a clean tasseled saddle style, and a small purse, perfect for an evening out, or if you're already carrying a larger bag for work.

Granted, it is pretty tiny, and could only hold a few flat items...some cash, a credit card, maybe a small lipstick...you know, the important things. It can also be adjusted to fit around your waist or hips, and be worn as a little belted pouch (please, keep it in front off to the side and never let it slide to the rear).

The main bag has a tassel on the flap, lots of brass rings and a smattering of rivets. It's got a cotton lining, and an inside zip pocket. The mini-bag has similar detailing, scaled down. The shoulder strap is adjustable, and clips on to either bag. It comes in a white or sand (I really like the sand) and is $398 at Liz Mole.

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