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2007 Golden Globes Back to the Makeup Chair for You

By the

Well, I guess not everyone can look good.

Note to Tina Fey: when you have thin lips, the barely-there mouth route is not for you. Tina looks completely washed out here, and the matronly hair and inadequate blush don't help. There is also a cleavage problem which I will not discuss. She used to be the pretty one on SNL, and now she looks more like her costar Rachel Dratch (aka "Debbie Downer").

It makes me sad to say this because she usually has such great style, but Cate Blanchett looks like she did her own makeup and hair 10 minutes before she left the house. Her cheeks look pretty, but her eyes and lips are washed out. And that McQueen dress called for "special" hair, not this unfinished-looking hay. Imagine how amazing she would have looked with **Emilie de Ravin's hair and makeup**?

Sienna Miller, ugh! She looks like an old hag who just had a chemical peel. Remember that episode of Sex and the City where Samantha had to wear a black veil to a party because her face was shiny and red from the peel? Sienna has that burnt Barbie doll thing going on and is also in need of some undereye attention. She and I are the same age, which is pretty much making me hyperventilate right now.

And I am just not going to say anything about Beyonce. Horrors, horrors...

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