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2007 Fashion Trends ...

By Nersel

Fashion trends are not too diverse than the social and political trends. Designers are influenced by the cultural and social issues as much as anyone else or maybe even more. The world has a different view today. After years of neglecting it, people re-discover their own history again. We re-appreciate old values, traditions, and symbols. We look into the past for our roots, something to hold on; we need a time out to reposition ourselves. This is exactly how we feel and what happens in fashion too. We are looking for a new balance in a confused and chaotic world. History is our new model for inspiration. Fashion world is filled with look-alikes. People are getting sick of looking like everyone else and wearing the same clothes and accessories. Quick trends are wearing out, appreciation of the past and history is not.

The art of several techniques, which we had forgotten in the past, like old handcrafts, handmade items, and hand shaping techniques, are all re-discovered again and very important throughout all fashion trends in 2007. The desire to wear something unique and different or create something special, something exclusive that does not look like a mass-product is getting even stronger.

Jewelry runs the style range for fall. The classicist will wear tiny pendants with precious materials and tiny diamonds, long necklaces with fine chains and jewel briolette. The truly bold will prefer the pure shiny gold with colorful stones, and rhinestones combined with silk. Long gold chains combined with unique accents: Vintage elements make it look like you have searched antique shops for days. The jewels of 2007 will have a sense of history and meaning.

American culture is a blend of cultures of our grandparents and great grandparents from all over the World. Rediscovering the ancestral roots produce a unique blend of modern and bohemian styles to country life, folk and gypsy styles; we also find inspiration in the first European pioneers emigrating to the new world of America. All these cultural fashion expressions are blended and visible in the fashion trends of 2007.

Exotic cultural expressions of African and MiddleEastern countries with their beautiful jewelry and embroidery and their colorful, ethnic and graphic decorations are the great inspirations of 2007 fashion. But also and in particular their pure, rough natural, handmade looks.Women accept and respect themselves as they are. Body accents are changing, are placing new focuses; a more natural shape is coming up; women are learning to love their curves. They are proud to adorn themselves with colorful gemstones and pure gold.

2007 jewelry gets crafty with unexpected combinations of fiber and beads made of precious and semi-precious stones such as turquoise, carnelian, lapis, tiger’s eye, agate, garnet and tourmalines. Soft, round, colorful beads add a feminine touch to the jewelry designs. Combining gold, fiber, and beads and jewelry featuring fabric or ribbon ties are the latest looks. Crocheted or fabric beads paired with ribbons, chains and gemstones add a delicate feminine touch. Gemstones of the year are multicolored tourmaline, rose quartz, jade, amethyst and onyx. This season’s designers are creatively combining different themes and contrasting soft jewels with heavy metals. Everywhere this year you will see shops displaying large chunky over-the-top gold jewelry, long gold chains and cocktail rings with massive settings side by side with more classical looking gold chains dripping with stones. Unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that are worked mainly with semi precious stones and gold. And pure 24 ct gold would give presence to any woman wearing it.

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