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2007 Fashion in 10 Definitive Moments ...

By Lindsay

1. The models are too thin. Wait, are they? Spain and Milan ban “too-thin” models after two beauties die from anorexia. New York fashion week adopts guidelines that say a lot and accomplish nothing, with the most frail models simply disappearing from the NYC shows for that season.

**2. **America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway, still as amazing as ever!

3. Plaid: proving that with the right accessories and in the right materials, this print (in its non-Burberry incarnations) has a life beyond lumberjacks, Scotland and the kilts of schoolgirls.

**4. **Halle Berry’s cerulean Versace, Cameron Diaz’s fuschia Dior, Reese Witherspoon’s yellow Nina Ricci and Gwyneth’s peach Zac Posen gowns.

**5. **After only three episodes of Gossip Girl, the ladies of the show managed to launch themselves into the forefront of the 20-somethings fashion scene, both on and off the set.

**6. **Panties, or lack thereof: Lindsay, Britney and Paris all did it, “accidentally” flashing crowds of paparazzi their bare bottoms (and other bits) while getting out of cars sans culottes.

7. The debut of a cleaner, leaner and much more sharply dressed Marc Jacobs.

**8. **The continually evolving style of Katie Holmes; lady isn’t afraid to endure a little pain for fashion, even after running a 26-mile marathon …

9. Any fashionable (or not) sightings of Ashley and/or Mary-Kate Olsen, Kate Bosworth, and Cate Blanchett. And okay, fine, Victoria Beckham, even if she does look like a femme-bot.

10. More bold fashion from Patricia Fields, in the Sex and the City movie and the upcoming Cashmere Mafia.

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