1. Suri Cruise

Fondly called "TomKitten" by the media, little Suri sure is a diva! I love how she's always dressed in the prettiest of dresses and shoes that go hand in hand with her lovely face. Suri means** "princess" in Hebrew** and **"red rose" in Persian **and boy does she live upto her name. All in all, I vote Suri to be the cutest celebrity kid around....hands down! Damn! the Cruises are one good looking family!

And that ends our edition of the 20 Cutest Celeb kids of today. I wish I could have go on and on. But alas! I hope you liked it! And I hope to hear what you thought of the kids on our list!

Photocredits:popsugar.com, omg.yahoo.com, celebrity-babies.com, justjared.buzznet.com