2 Die 4: Tiffany Oval Diamond Ring ...

Trust Tiffany to satiate a woman's appetite for diamonds. Presenting the Tiffany Oval Diamond Ring, a ring so divine that I would sell my soul for it!

What's So Fab about It: Now I don't understand diamond specifications like a pro would, but I do know fabulous when I see it. I'm not one for giant rocks on my finger so what I like best about this ring is its simplicity. And while the simplicity element does not extend to its price, I can't help but fall in love with this ring. With a carat total weight of 3.86, this gorgeous oval diamond ring in platinum is perfection!

Where Would I Wear It: Hopefully when the man of my dreams says "Marry me", this is the ring that will adorn my finger.

How Many Tall Lattes It's Worth: 67,500 *gulp*

Where to Look 4 It: tiffany.com

Need I even ask what you think about this ring? I know the price is insane but this is the 2 Die 4 section afterall and like I said earlier, I would actually sell my soul for this. Would you?

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