2 Die 4: Shiseido Shaving Cream ...


If you are still looking for something to give your man this Holiday season, why not consider a luxurious Shiseido shaving cream?

Personally, I don't know if shaving cream by itself is a good enough Holiday present but the fact that it is by Shiseido adds that special touch to it. Afterall, Shiseido does make some amazing products! It is a practical buy (considering all most men shave) but with a touch of extravagance.

This exquisite Shiseido shaving cream has a super creamy texture that will ensure that your man gets a smooth shave and a broad smile afterwards. And it smells amazing which is a great plus for you! Ah! Everyone wins :D

Price: $23.00 at Barneys.com

So, do you think this Shiseido shaving cream would make a good holiday gift?

Happy Holidays everyone!

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