2 Die 4: OndadeMar Indian Journey Two Piece Bathing Suit ...


Yes I know it's the middle of winter and I probably shouldn't be looking up bathing suits but hey this gives you enough time and motivation (hopefully) to workout and get a fab body by the time summer hits!

Firstly let me say that I love the colors on the bathing suit and the cute paisley print. It's perfect for a sunny day on the beach. Having said that, I'm not sure about the teensy triangle top. It looks great on the model but I don't think it'd quite cover my...ahem...assets :) I do love the hipster bottoms though. The wonderful thing about that style is that it suits a lot of body types don't you think? I'd probably wear it with a different top. All in all, a great choice for the summer...if you have the body to carry it off!

Price:$104.30 at ondademar.com

So ladies is this cutie a yaay or a meh for you? :)

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