2 Die 4: Michelle Trachtenberg Poppy Stone Bee Ring...


Ok normally I HATE insects and wouldn't think twice before squishing them (forgive me PETA) but who can resist a bee that looks like this?

Aww what a pretty little bee! What pretty colors! And how great would it look on your finger? I think this piece is perfect for those who are a little eccentric in the mind and who love to stand out. It's also a fun gift for a young woman who hasn't quite made the transition to "elegant jewelry" just yet. Coach also sells the poppy stone bee bracelet, necklace and earrings (which I think are the cutest pair ever) all by Michelle Trachtenber. The entire collection gets three out of three stars from me!

Price: $78 at Coach.com

Are you ready to buzz away with these cuties on?

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