2 Die 4: Arden B Bow Front Sequin Tube Dress ...

Ooo yaay! One more dress choice for the holidays! And it's shiny!

With all the amazing Christmas lighting, trees et all and beautifully wrapped presents, you need to keep up or you may end up looking a tad dull. No, I'm not saying you should dress like Christmas lights yourself, but how about in a stunner like this one?! It screams Holidays and it looks fabulous! Now I know a gold sequined dress isn't exactly everyone's thing but if you like shiny like I do, you know you want this.

Price: $70.40 at ardenb.com

Remember to keep the accessories to a minimum and don't stand too close to a Christmas tree just in case some guy decides to ask you if you're his Christmas present this year. That happened to me once! *shudder* :p