2 Die 4: Anthropologie Pickstitched Change Purses...


Anthropologie is one of my favorite sites to browse! They have such amazing stuff that are unfortunately not usually wallet friendly. But occasionally, I find the perfect little accessory with the perfect price and then I just have to share it with you guys...


Beautiful right? I love the vintage glamour that it exudes! I was wondering if it would have much practical purpose but according to the reviews, it's actually quite roomy and will fit more than you expect it to. So yaay! I'm biased towards the purple because...well I always am but it is quite adorable in rose too. It's the perfect little purse for one of my "I feel girly today" days. Now to find a pretty Anthropologie dress to go with this!

Price: $18 at Anthropologie.com

These purses are what the French call trรจs magnifique! No?