2 B Free Fall 2007 at LA Fashion Week

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As you well know now, while we made it inside Boulevard 3 for the event that was co-sponsored by 944 Magazine, we never made it into the actual runway show for 2 B Free's Fall 2007 collection. Doesn't matter though, because from what I can tell, we didn't miss too much. None of the pieces nor complete "looks" were all that different from one another, nor were they all that different from any of the other graphic-print, slightly rocker-chic inspired California casual knit wear that we have seen for years from a number of designers. Bright colors, reactive dyes, layers, t-shirts, and hoodies that can be worn from the grocery store to dinner on Sunset Blvd were nothing, and I mean nothing, we haven't seen before. The one thing that deserves mention, though, is how shockingly "plump" and slightly awkward Paris Hilton looks on the runway. Paris is, of course, a very thin girl, and yet, by comparison to the models, she looked normal. For the models, that's frightening.
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