15 Best Oscar De La Renta Dresses ...

Oscar de la Renta has styled the best-dressed celebrities for decades, including Twilight’s Kristen Stewart, the gorgeous Penelope Cruz, and actress Amy Adams… why shouldn’t he design the perfect dress for you? With holiday parties and New Year’s Eve celebrations mere weeks away, it’s time to choose the a de la Renta dress… and here are my favorites!

1. Pleated Duchess Satin Gown

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Price: $5,290 at net-a-porter.com
The designer calls the color of this gown “magenta” but to me it’s the richest of amethyst. It’s gathered at the left shoulder and features a fishtail or mermaid skirt. Pair this with metallic Jimmy Choo sandals and prepare for your walk — or strut! — down the red carpet!

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