14 Hottest Jimmy Choo Shoes ...

Whether you love the glamour of Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie, or Michelle Obama’s elegance, or Jessica Biel's sex-itude or Rachel Bilson’s sweet natured appeal , you’ll notice they all have something in common — they all wear Jimmy Choo shoes! And there’s no reason you can’t rock them, too. Here’s my pick of the hottest new Jimmy Choo shoes… wear them for everyday, or for special occasions… just wear them!

1. Jimmy Choo Needle

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Price: $995 at jimmychoo.com
The shoe with everything! Shiny silver glitter, skinny black stiletto, a bold zebra print, and a bright fuchsia accent on the ankle straps. Heel height is 4.3 inches and you know what that means....impossibly long legs!

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