13 Things to NOT do with Your Pimple ...

Today, I have decided to write a blog on things to not do with your pimple. You see, pimples are not something that anyone wants to have on their face and there could be some things that you could be doing that make the problem even worse. Below, I am going to give you 13 things to not do with your pimple. If you find that you are doing some of these things, then obviously, you will need to change those habits.

13. Use Make-up That is Greasy or Oily

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You need to avoid using oily, greasy makeup. Why? Because it is a known fact that it will clog those pores. Bad makeup is responsible for the development of acne, so the next time you are looking for new makeup, be sure to choose some that will not clog those pores! This is definitely one of those things to not do with your pimple.

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