13 Risks You Take with Liposuction ...

There’s that lucky (or not-so-lucky number)! The number 13! As with any surgery out there, you will be taking risks and liposuction is not an exception to this rule. This type of cosmetic surgery will be taking a lot of the fat out of your body and that explains why it is so popular. It can be used in order to improve an individual's thighs, waist, legs, and/or stomach. Really, it does make you look slimmer. But is beauty really worth all of the risks? I understand that many out there would sell their souls just to lose weight and be beautiful in their eyes, but would you take these 13 risks of liposuction?


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All surgeries involve an entry way in order to get inside of your body. For liposuctions, incisions will be made by a cannula. The cannula could damage the inside of the body if it is not correctly managed by the surgeon.

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