12 Ways to Deal with Your Jealousy ...

Dealing with jealousy can be difficult. It is however necessary to get a handle on this emotion before it gets out of control, if it isn't already. Being jealous is probably one of the easiest ways you can ruin a relationship. Here are 12 ways on how to deal with jealousy. I think you might find them useful, if not for yourself, then for someone else who you think could use them.

12. Get Therapy

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Even if it's just talking things over with friends, any form of communication with a neutral source might be helpful. There are plenty of very helpful therapists that don't charge an arm and a leg. If you aren't able to make an appointment with a therapist or are too shy to physically visit one, there are also discussion groups online you can sign up for. They are completely anonymous, so your privacy is maintained. Some of these sites also offer 800 numbers for you to call and talk to an actual person. Sometimes you just need to talk about it, in order to realize how much it has a hold on your life.

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