12 Top Men's Skin Care Products ...

Your man may pretend he doesn’t care about his skin, and he may feign ignorance when you talk about your own skin care regimen, but chances are, he has a product or set of products he loves. If not, isn’t it time you introduce him to the benefits of healthy skin? Here are some products he’s guaranteed to love, and that won’t make him smell all girly. Just in time for the holidays! Some of these make GREAT stocking stuffers!

1. Aveda Men Shave Cream

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Price: $13.00 at aveda.com
Decades ago, men used shaving cream and a brush to lather and apply it. Then they used an aerosol shaving cream. Now they use a shaving cream that’s more like a lotion, with no razor-burn causing foam. That’s right — the tiny pockets of air in aerosol shaving foams actually cause razor burn. This shaving cream soothes skin before the shaving even begins, with peppermint, lavender, and aloe. It’s mild and hypo-allergenic, and best of all, it helps the razor glide across the skin, minimizing nicks and scrapes.

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