12 Tips on How to Date Older Men ...

When I was in my early twenties, I only dated men who were at least fifteen years older than me. I had so much more in common with them than I did with guys my own age, who only seemed to be interested in beer pong and Pamela Anderson.

So here are some ways to find, date, and capture the heart of an older man.

1. Know Where to Look

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Chances are, older men worth having aren’t hanging out at the college-boy clubs.

2. Find out NOW

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A lot of older men are married, and you MUST find out RIGHT AWAY if your potential man is married. If he is, keep walking. You don’t ever, ever want to be the other woman.

3. Be Prepared

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As men grow older, they, like us, slow down a little, and experience changes in their sex drives. Make sure you’re prepared for this.

4. Be Reasonable

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Don’t expect your man to be as energetic or active as you are, but don’t expect him to be a wimp, either.

5. Avoid the Creeps

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There’s a very good reason some older men aren’t taken yet. Look out for the creeps and weirdos out there. Trust me, there are PLENTY of them!

6. Re-think Your Goals

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Depending on how old your older man is, he may have very different life goals than you. He might want to settle down and have kids, or he might already have grown children. He might be getting ready to think about retirement, when you’re just getting out of college.

7. Learn to Cook

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All men like a gal who can cook, but older men are very particular about this. You don’t have to be Rachel Ray, but you do have to be able to knock his socks off with a couple of dishes.

8. Don’t Mother Him

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Older men who date younger women are NOT looking for mothering.

9. Don’t Overdo It

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If you’re worried your older man will think you’re too young, you might be tempted to look or act older than you re. Bad idea! Be yourself — what’s not to love?

10. Look for Humor

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I’ll never forget the time the older man I was dating asked if I remembered the moon landing, then got a little distant when I told him I hadn’t even been born yet. When I made a joke about it, he laughed, and it wasn’t awkward anymore.

11. Public Opinion, Who Cares?

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Be prepared for weird looks or rude questions in public. I’ve had people in restaurants ask if my date was my father, even though he clearly wasn’t THAT much older than me. Just prepare yourself for this in advance, and don’t get mad when it happens.

12. Find Common Ground

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It’s always easier to date a man, no matter how old or how young he is, if you can find something, a hobby or an interest, you have in common.

There you have it, my advice on dating an older man. Do you have any tips or tricks or warnings to share?

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