12 Things You Should do before You Hit 25 ...

Everyone has heard the saying “You’re never too old,” but for some things, there is an age limit. After all, everyone has seen that woman who embarrasses herself acting much younger than she is... it’s almost as bad as dressing much younger then you are! Want to see how you are doing, or what you might need to prepare to give up? Here are the twelve things most people think you should give up before you hit 25...

1. Dressing in Pink

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Okay, so there is nothing wrong with pink, and I own quite a few pink items I have no intention of giving up any time soon. But, dressing head to toe in pink, and resembling Barbie? Well, when you are young, you can almost get away with it. But its a look that has “mutton dressed as lamb” written all over it, and no one wants to look old at 25. Paris, I mean you!

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