10 Reasons Why IPad is Better than Kindle ...

By now I'm sure all of you have seen the iPad and the Kindle. I do not like to down anything or say bad things about stuff, but I just have to tell you 10 reasons why iPad is better than Kindle. After you read this, feel free to tell us your opinion, especially if you think the Kindle is better than the iPad, which I couldnโ€™t imagine. Sorry, Kindle, you will have to step to the side for a secondโ€ฆ

10. Multi-functional Capability

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When you buy a Kindle, what will you be getting? Essentially, it is a reader. Yet, another dedicated device that you will have to carry around. With an iPad, you will have a companion that will be able to do almost anything. You can play games, watch movies, open documents, browse and so much more. Did I mention that the iPhone has zillions of apps (140.000 and counting, to be exact), which you'll be able to use for your iPad as well? How great is that!

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