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12 Hot Leighton Meester Fashion Moments of 2009 ...

By Meream

Next year will prove to be a busy year for Leighton. For sure, she will have more exposure courtesy of her character Blair Waldorf. With some films coming out and a budding singing career, we will also see a lot more of this little fashionista. On that note, I thought about gathering Leighton's fashion moments of 2009. These are a combination of Gossip Girl wardrobe, red carpet style, and her personal street style. Enjoy!

1 January

JanuaryOkay, this isn't much of a WOW outfit but January and the cast of Gossip Girl were all bundled up in warm coats. However, that red number is something else, isn't it?

2 February

FebruaryGlittery and lovely. I love how this look seems conservative but gives off the right amount of edginess.

3 March

MarchDoesn't she look like an angel? That dress sure looks dreamy and heavenly. I love that she's barefoot, too.

4 April

AprilI am on the fence about the bodice of this dress but I like the paper bag style of the skirt. The best part of this outfit, of course, is the footwear. Love them!

5 May

MayLeighton looked ravishing and an absolute fashion goddess during the MTV Movie Awards this year. Sexy, right?

6 June

JuneHow bright and cheerful she looks! I love the print of the dress and the matching belt. Sure she's wearing flip flops but she's known to wear comfortable footwear (Uggs, even) during breaks of Gossip Girl shoots.

7 July

JulyThis is another Gossip Girl outfit that made Leighton look picture perfect. I love how her bag matches Chuck's bow tie. Cute outfit aside, this was the episode that made me raise my left eyebrow and ask, "Why would people sell a hotel to Chuck Bass, playboy and irresponsible prince of the Upper East Side?" But this actually turned out to be a good venture.

8 August

AugustThis is perhaps my favorite Leighton Meester look of the year. Love the shoes, especially.

9 September

SeptemberLeighton was one of the lovely ladies who donned white at the last Primetime Emmy Awards. Coupled with impeccable makeup, she looked fabulous.

10 October

OctoberCasual and warm for a day off. Those boots look fierce, don't they?

11 November

NovemberI'm not so sure about the platform booties but I love this Marios Schwab dress. These graphic prints on dresses are really cool.

12 December

DecemberLeighton has been busy promoting her single and dressing up in vampy and strange outfits lately. In all honestly, I don't like the looks she's been sporting these days. So let's thank the wardrobe department of Gossip Girl for thisgem of an outfit.

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