12 Great Women of 2011 ...

Every year, the world has the privilege of watching amazing women change the world through their words, beliefs, and actions. Some of the women who are looking to change the world during 2011 have been around for a while, others are newcomers. Some are famous. Others are just normal people who are trying to do their part to change the world. Here are 12 great women of 2011 to watch closely over the coming year.

1. Sarah Dessen

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If you have not read any of Sarah Dessen’s books, you need to go to the library and find one now! Dessen’s books are well written with intricate plots. Each story shows how choices can completely change a person’s life. The romance is usually a very small part of the story, but it is a fun addition. During 2011, her newest book will challenge readers to examine the significance of their own choices once again.

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