12 Coolest Cut-out Shoes for This Summer ...

I am such a huge fan of cut-out shoes and boots, and I was so happy to see this sexy shoe trend last through this Summer well to the Fall-Winter of 2010!

Take a look at these fabulous designer pairs and see which of these high heels with sensuous cut-out details would make your heart skip a bit!

1. Alexandra Neel - Cleopatra Suede High-heel Sandal with Fringe Detail ...

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img.allw.mn Neel - Cleopatra suede high-heel sandal with fringe detail.jpg

2. Alexandra Neel - Oedipe Strappy Python sandal ...

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img.allw.mn Neel - Oedipe strappy python sandal.jpg

3. Alexandra Neel - Raquel Patent Leather Sandal ...

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img.allw.mn Neel - Raquel patent leather sandal.jpg

4. Anna Sui - Laser-cut Leather Sandal with Ankle Cuff ...

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img.allw.mn Sui - Laser-cut leather sandal with ankle cuff.jpg

5. Chlo

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