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How to Get Everything Done ...

By Olga

Have you ever had this kind of problem, when you are to get hundreds of things done, but you can't concentrate on any of them? And the time just passes by and your awareness of this inevitable process makes it even worse!

Well, then - good news, ladies! It turns out that this kind of problem is not a difficult one to solve. All you need is a PLAN!

I know, I know, we hear it all the time but we never actually get to doing it and that's what really causes the problem. A friend of mine, a very smart guy indeed, is a fanatic of self-education litterature, he reads LOTS of it, and saying LOTS - I do mean it! Several times he adviced me to sit down and simply figure out on a sheet of paper what I wanted to do with my life. But only yesterday I finally managed to follow this sound idea. The first thing that really surprised me is that it was not that hard to organize your life if you know the following things:

1. **What are your **long-term goals? (life-time dreams, like: becoming Mrs. Pitt, or a President, or a millionaire, or gettting a PhD or simply travelling all around the world - the list is endless)

Now, to achieve the great goals enumerated above you are to make up a list of short-term things to do that will eventually make your dreams come true. So, next step is to figure out :

2. **What are your **short-term plans? (losing several pounds- so that Brad can't help falling in love with you, getting a new job - to become a millionaire, going to Brazil for Christmas - as a start point for your all-around-the-world travelling, learning Spanish - as one of the exams for your PhD, going into ballroom dancing...)

Now, if you composed both lists of your long-term and short-term plans, you can switch to everyday planning right away! You'll just have to define what activities will be required to fulfill the short-term plans and how many times a week you'll need to do it in order to achieve all your chief goals. Probably it's difficult to catch the idea, I am just so excited about this that logical explanation just doesn't come out, sorry for that :) Here is a little example that might make it easier to grasp the idea:
For example, in your long-term goals there is a point:
- to get a magister degree in Arts

To acieve this goal in your short-term plans you write:
- to enter the X University, department of Fine Arts

To do so, in your everyday plans, it should be written:
-preparing for the exam on history of arts ( an hour a day)

And in your timetable you write:

-Church ( alternatively :)
-Lunch with friends/ family
-Studing for the exam
-Going to the movies etc.

The funniest thing is that the scheme really works! If you have all these tasks scheduled, you get everything done before the deadline knocks at your door and the most valuable thing is that you feel in control of your own life again, like in that old cheerful Dr. Alban's song: It's my Life...Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh :) Good luck!

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