10 Ways to save Money for College ...

College is one of the most expensive, but most important, investments you can make. But how will you come up with the money to pay for it, and how will you live cheaply while you’re in college? As someone who’s both a college student, and the mother of another college student, I can help! Here’s my list of the top 10 ways to save money for college, and how to spend less while you’re there!

1. Start as Soon as Possible

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Money Saved: from $1,200 up to $80,000
Additional Time Spent: 30 minutes per month
Additional Trouble Level: 5 out of 10
It’s no secret or mystery — we start college after high school. So we all know when that expense is coming, right? Then why do we always wait until the last year or so to start saving for college? The sooner you start saving, the more you will save. If you can’t start any earlier, at least start saving when you’re a freshman in high school (grade 9), which will give you at least four years to save. If you can start sooner, then do it! If you only sock away a measly $25 per week, which is what you would spend on one night at the movies, you can save $1,300 in one year, or $5,200 in four years. That doesn’t even include any of the other ways you can save money, detailed below…

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