10 Ways to Lose a Guy in One Date

• Explain the difference between princess, marquee and emerald cut diamonds — and note your preference
• Insist that he’s not paying enough attention during the diamond-cut lesson and offer to go through it again

• Call his home number from your cell phone at the dinner table so that he’ll have a souvenir

• Mention that your last breakup was especially painful when your ex started using the word “psychotic” to describe you

• Doing your best Audrey Hepburn impression, ask him for a $50 for “the powder room” and call him a “super rat” if he won’t cough up the dough

• Wear a tiara

• Tell him that you’re really looking forward to marriage

• Expand on this last point and include the part about being able to spend someone else’s money — finally!

• Ask him who he would be if he could be “any rock star in the world”

• Confess that in preparation for the date, you conducted a conference call with all of your friends in order to get enough fashion, etiquette, and giddiness-prevention advice to make it through the evening

This was just too funny to pass up!

What are some of the most creative ways you’ve heard on how to lose a guy in a single date?

Via Redbook

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