10 Ways to Get a Brilliant Night's Sleep ...

I like sleep. I like that dreamy-so-tired-last-thing-at-night cuddle, and I like falling asleep, and I like waking up all nice and refreshed. I’ve never really had a problem sleeping, so when I can’t sleep, I can’t understand it. I’ve got no idea how to put myself to sleep... I mean, I’ve never needed to! Just recently I’ve had a fair few sleepless nights, though, and they’ve been driving me mad. Are you having the same? Here’s some ways to finally get a great night’s sleep...

1. Valerian

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Valerian is the first thing that was recommended to me when I couldn’t sleep. A natural remedy, it comes from a plant grown in Europe and North America, and rather then chemically forcing sleep, it promotes it naturally. The Valerian calms the brain and body, and is even used as a mild treatment for depression. The best bit? It won’t leave you feeling groggy and under the weather when you wake up. Simply take one tablet a day, and up the dose if required.

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