10 Ways to Find a Great Beauty Salon ...

Oh no, you've moved, or had a falling out withyour hair dresser about a lousy cut and color combination! Have no fear, another perfect salon is near. You ladies just need to know how to find it. Luckily you have me to light your way in finding a great beauty salon! Here are 10 ways how...

1. Find a Stylist, then the Salon

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Sometimes it's better to find a beautician before you find the salon they work in. Know someone who always has amazing hair? Find out the name of their stylist and try them out. Then, either commit to the salon or move along.

2. Business Cards

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There are always business cards floating around. Someone hands you one and you throw it in your wallet, people leave them places, why not take advantage? Take a look at the cards and if you find one that's interesting with a cute logo design, stop in. Just remember, you don't have to commit right away.

3. Hop around:

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Finding a beauty salon is like dating — sometimes it is perfectly okay to just try out a few at once. Stop in and get an eyebrow wax at one place, get a manicureat another. If you find yourself liking one place more than another, then try out more things there and soon enough you'll have what you're looking for.

4. Try Something New:

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Were you going to a big corporate chain for your hair, nails and waxingbefore? Why not try a mom and pop place? It can be a little frightening at first. But, you may find that you like their brand of personalized service much better.

5. Check out Their Customers:

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I mean really, take a look. Do the people coming out look happy? Aretheir hairstylessimilar to yours? Does everyone come out looking the same? It's not creepy to look out for customers and see if you'll like the salon based on them. Just don't do any weird creeper glares and you'll still look and feel totally normal.

6. Find Pricing and Location:

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Before settling on a salon you found in the phone book, go online and look at pricing and location. You have to be sure that price and time spent getting there all match up. Then go around and make sure that the prices are what you're willing to pay for the service!

7. Look at Interiors:

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You can tell a lot about a place by looking inside of it. So why not try a few of these salons out? Go inside, take a look,don't be shy to ask the receptionist a few questions and walk back out again!

8. Google It:

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Instead of wasting time on the internet, use it do your research. Google really does know everything. Why not just google the best salons in the area then go take a look? There's really no harm in googling and getting some information.

9. Drive around:

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Take a quick drive into your local city shopping center and take a look around for salons. Remember where you saw them and how filled up the parking lot was. Then, go home and do a little research. You're sure to find a salon in no time that way!

10. Ask Friends and Family:

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If someone in your family or friends circle always seems to have the perfect makeup andperfect celebrity hair, they probably go to a great salon. Why not ask them about it? Or ask them who they recommend. Friends and family are a great way to find a new place for you to go to get pretty!

Well ladies, I've told you how I think you can find a new salon. How do you do it? What would you recommend someone do once they've found the right salon? Tell me all about it!

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