10 Very Useful Eye-shadow Palettes ...

Ah, all those beautiful eye-shadows! I swear to you, every time I see a cute-looking eyeshadow set, I just can’t restrain myself. It’s like being possessed – one moment I’m looking at it, the next moment I see the cashier returning my credit card, stuffing the receipt into a bag and handing it to me with the cutest "thank you" I’ve ever heard! Now, the biggest problem in every palette is the fact that 40% of the colors could come handy only for Halloween, so I’ve decided to have a different tactics from now on – make a list of the useful eyeshadow palettes and stick to it! And my list goes something like this:

1. Urban Decay –the Black Palette

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Price: $36 at sephora.com
Fans of darker colors will definitely love this smoky eye-friendly palette. It does look a bit “gloomy” but, believe me, every color from it is absolutely usable and some even for day wear too (learning how to dose properly is the key to that)!

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