10 Unique Ways for a Guy to Propose ...

Proposing is definitely a big deal and I understand that many guys out there are not so creative, so I have decided to write a post and dedicate it to all of those guys who need a unique way to propose to the love of their life! So, what tips do I have up my sleeve? Bring out theengagement ring and let's get going!

10. Put the Ring around Your Dog

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I always liked this one. If you and/or your girl have a pet dog, put theengagement ring on the dog’s collar. Keep a close watch on the dog when he/she has that ring around the collar. You wouldn’t want it to get lost. Capture the look on your girlfriend's (hopefully soon to be fiancΓ©'s) face as she finds the ring! This of course could be done with another animal as well. Maybe he/she could also be the ring bearer at your wedding!

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