10 Tips to Be a Natural Beauty ...

With more and more women waking up to the harmful effects of using too many chemicals and creams on their face, there has been a shift in the perception of beauty. Nowadays women don’t aim to be just beautiful...they wish to be called a ‘natural beauty’ – someone to whom beauty comes effortlessly – like it was a gift from nature herself. Well, effortlessly or not, here are 10 tips that will help you look more like a natural beauty and less like a decked up Barbie doll. Have fun pampering yourself!

1. Make Blemishes Disappear Homeopathically

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Image source: mothernatureproducts.co.za

The two best things you can use to zap blemishes out of existence are tea tree oil and arnica. The antibacterial property of the first and the anti-inflammatory property of the second when combined together are deadly for those blemishes that are harassing you.

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