10 Tips on How to Start Working Online ...

I first started freelance writing many years ago after my contract I had with the military expired. I was making $18.00 an hour and then went down to making $0.00 an hour. It didn’t help at all, then I discovered freelance writing and now, I am making WAY more than $18.00 an hour. I have the chance to make whatever I want. If you are disciplined, then the sky is the limit when it comes to making money. I have been working online for many years. Particularly, in the freelance writing field. I have established a lot of good relationships with clients. I actually have full-time clients who gives hundreds of articles each week, every week. Below, I am going to give you some tips that I go by. This will get you started with working online.

10. Look for Legit Jobs

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When you first decide that you want to look online, figure out what exactly you want to do and then make sure they are legitimate. Some jobs include freelance writing, selling stuff online (that can be successful), telemarketing and more. Take a look at Freelancer.com and look through the different categories that they have. Is there something that catches your eye?

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