10 Tips on Falling Asleep Fast …

We all tend to have problems sleeping time to time and we look for all possible tips to fall asleep. Well, that’s why I made this blog, because I have problems every night to fall asleep. There are many different types of ideas to get yourself to sleep more easier. It's not like counting sheep is the only option for falling asleep. See what I have to say about my 10 Tips on Falling Asleep Fast…

10. Warm Milk

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Warm milk does wonders with infants and younger children and the reason for this would be the milk being warm helps the stomach from being upset. The warm milk still has the same effect as you get older and could help your stomach during the night. If you're lactose intolerant, you can buy milk just for that.

9. Reading Your Favorite Book

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When I can't sleep I grab a book that I like to read and read it until I fall asleep. As you're reading, your using mental brain power to read and that causes you to get tired. Although, when you find a good part in the book it will be hard to fall asleep. Sometimes picking non-exciting books can help those that get excited from books they like. Example: National Geographic or a newspaper.

8. No Exercise

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We all like to take a stroll outside when the sun goes down, but did you know that you could be creating more energy that will keep you up during the night? To remedy this, you should jog or exercise for that matter during the morning time.

7. A Relaxing Bath with Lavender Oil

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To fall asleep, you need to first relax and get tired. I bathe in lavender oil to calm my nerves and make myself in a state of relaxation. Lavender oil is proven to relax people with the scent. Many people take baths before bed and that helps them sleep.

6. Avoid TV in Room

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Try to avoid putting a TV in your room, because watching TV could keep you up. For the most parts the TV causes excitement and energy that could keep you up longer or all hours of the night.

5. Cold Bedroom

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When you sleep in a cold environment, it relaxes your body and keeps you comfortable under the covers. The cold room will keep you comfortable from being irritated and keeps you asleep through the night. No one can sleep in a hot environment that keeps you sticky and sweaty.

4. Clean Environment

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When you have a clean house or clean bedroom, you will find yourself being less aggravated. It's always good to wake up to a clean house that doesn’t have to be cleaned. Many people have to clean before bed in order to rest easy and sleep through the night.

3. Watch a Movie Few Hours before Bed

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If you have troubles falling asleep, you should consider watching a bedtime movie. You need to watch in on the couch and avoid watching it in the bedroom. The objective would be to get tired on the couch from watching a movie and walk to the bed tired. Always take a bath before the movie, in order to relax.

2. Listening to Music

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It's easy to listen to music today, because of the new technology. You could listen to the music aloud or through small headphones. We prefer aloud, because the headphones could choke you during the night. When we say music, we mean music that is classical or sounds of the ocean. These types of sounds and music can calm you into a sleeping trance.

1. Clearing Your Mind -

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A couple hours before bedtime, get everything out of the way and ponder any thoughts that you need to ponder. When you go to bed, if you do not have a clear mind, you may not fall asleep. Clearing my mind always works for me. Don't think about work or what you plan on doing the next day.

When I cannot fall asleep, these tips always work out for me. Of course, you could go with counting sheep, birds or whatever it is you picture jumping over you, but it never worked for me. What do you do in order to fall asleep at night?

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