10 Tips on Building a Bench ...

I love making things, especially if they are useful to my family as well. Building a bench can be done in a day, whether you use dimensional lumber or raw trees right out of the woods. There are benches that need to be cut and measured out and ones that are more rustic. Whichever you decide to build, there are 10 tips on building a bench that should make the entire process a bit easier for you.

10. Get Pointers from Someone Who’s Already Made One, if You Need to

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I find that asking my husband questions as they arise eliminates a lot of hassle, as well as the chance of making future mistakes. He was the one who taught me how to make benches in the first place, so I look to him for the answer to questions I might have. If you are using a book as a reference, then be sure to look at it for pointers you might need. The author should provide all the answers you need to complete your project.

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