10 Tips to Avoid Wedding Day Cold Feet ...

Men and women both get the pre-wedding jitters, but each tends to handle it in their own fashion. If you are planning on getting married soon and are a bit scared, then check out my 10 tips on avoiding cold feet listed below. Hopefully these tips will help you to have an enjoyable time planning for your wedding, as well as feeling less stressed by the whole concept.

10. Make Wedding Plans in Advance, so You Don’t Worry Later

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Photo Credit: Johny Day

I know not everyone is able to take a year to plan for a wedding. I didn’t have a large wedding, so there wasn’t much planning involved. If you are trying to have the wedding of your dreams, then don’t try to rush things. Be sure to plan out each part well in advance, so that you aren’t stressing later. Having a check list of everything to be accomplished will give you a visual of what has and hasn’t been done.

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