10 Tips for Colouring Your Hair at Home ...

Whether you’re aiming to spend less, or just have more control over your colour and save yourself valuable time spent at the hairdresser, colouring your hair at home couldn’t be easier if you know what you are doing! My friends started touching up their own hair colours last year, and no one noticed the difference! It’s vital that you get it right, though, so here are my top ten easy tips for hair colouring in the comfort of your home...

1. Pick Your Colour Carefully!

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The hottest hairstyle trends look even more hot with the right color. So do your research before settling on a color. My favorite method is to use one of those online makeover sites to see for myself what would look good on me. Once you have picked a color, make sure you read the packet to see how much you are recommended to buy. If it says to buy two, it really is a good idea to do so or you’ll end up with a very washed out, thinly applied colour.

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