10 Tips for a Romantic Bedroom...

When it comes to a romantic look, you and your hubby may not agree on “the Look.” You want pink, he wants black. You want flowers, he wants trophies. And the differences go on and on… but here are a few key points to keep in mind when decorating your room for the ultimate night of romance.

1. No Electronics Allowed

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Keep your bedroom a bedroom. It’s not an office! If you want romance to prevail, then no work is allowed, unless it is romantic work! That means no laptop, and no cell phone!

2. No TV? Romantic Movie Night!

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Is there an exception to the NO electronics? I know a lot of people keep TV’s in their bedroom, so if you must, reserve the TV for the ultimate romantic movie just before lights out. Other than that, keep a cover over the screen. You might be conveying the message, “Go ahead and choose the game over me!”

3. Personal Pictures of Family

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How is it possible to get in the mood with grandpa and grandma staring at you? Or your adorable nephew sporting his new haircut? Move these portraits out in the public viewing are and reserve the bedroom for photos of you and your sweetie.

4. Soft Light

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You may need to keep your ceiling light, but a soft, romantic glow is perfect to entice a love affair with your man! So turn off the bright overhead light and switch on the romance... by lighting candles... (see below!)

5. Candles Are a Great Addition

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Candles add a soft glow to any room, but they are especially nice in the bedroom. Scented candles are charming, but make sure the scent is agreeable with your partner. He may think flower smells are disgusting.

6. Silk Sheets

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Silk sheets are perrrfect! They feel luxurious next to your skin. And they will rev up you’re your feelings of love. Go ahead and splurge on these. You will not regret it! If you can't spend the money on silk sheet, though, go for a really high thread-count cotton sheets, at least.

7. Mirrors Add Glamour!

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Guys like mirrors! Although I prefer not to have them around, save in the bathroom, some may like them posted all over the place. So let him enjoy!

8. No Pets

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No matter how cute or favorable Fido may be, he’s not very sweet when he’s barking and whining to be up in the bed with you. Or worse, lying on your pillow beside you! Keep him out, at least until later…

9. Romantic Paint and Décor

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He may not want pink, or flowers strown about everywhere, but keep the atmosphere peaceful, clean, and appealing. Any color combination can work. The key to romance is a neat, de-cluttered, and orderly appearance. No dirty laundry, stacks of books, or piles of unmated socks allowed!

10. No Work Area

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If at all possible, keep your office out of the bedroom. Your mind will linger on things left undone, bills to pay, work for tomorrow… It’s a very romantic thought to walk into your bedroom and only have one thing on your mind – HIM!

So if you're looking forward to night after night of romance, follow these tips and the romance will happen! Which of these tips do you agree with, and do you have any more to share? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: AXEHD

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