10 Things You Should do Instead of Dieting ...

Dieting is boring. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve avoided going out with friends just so that I’m not tempted to sabotage my diet, and after a few days, I always feel miserable and moody anyway. So, I’ve ditched diets. That’s it, I won’t do them anymore. I’ll try to eat healthily, and only eat things that I enjoy, and will savour. Instead, I’m going to be doing these 10 things to try and stay in shape…

1. Beware the ‘Friend’

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Whether it’s malicious or accidental, everyone has those friends who order too much food, insist on sharing the most calorie stuffed desert and won’t let you order the healthy option…and they aren’t good for your waistline. Your options? Either toughen up, and completely resist the urge to change your menu choice or steal her food, or simply avoid eating with them.

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